VANTAstar Multi-Mode Microplate Reader by BMG LABTECH

Manufacturer BMG LABTECH  |  Available Worldwide
The VANTAstar Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is a compact multi-mode microplate reader compatible with all plate formats up to 384 wells.

VANTAstar Multi-Mode Microplate Reader by BMG LABTECH product image
VANTAstar Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
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Conceived for ease of use and flexibility, this instrument provides the perfect detection platform for a wide range of applications in basic research and life sciences. The combination of BMG LABTECH´s patented dual LVF MonochromatorTM system, UV/vis absorbance spectrometer and filters ensures full wavelength flexibility. LVF Monochromators™ provide the highest wavelength flexibility while delivering filter-like performance for fluorescence and luminescence assays. The Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) technology provides a dynamic range of 8 decades and combined with a fast full-plate auto-focus significantly improves usability and enables an effortless detection setup, as VANTAstar users do not have to worry about manually selecting sensitivity settings.


  • Detection modes: absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence and TR-FRET
  • LVF Monochromators™ with continuously adjustable bandwidths from 8 to 100 nm allow more light transmission and better performance
  • No manual gain or focus adjustment required thanks to EDR and full-plate auto-focus
  • 1 click top/bottom reading switch with no hardware displacements for all detection modes using both monochromators or filters
  • Automatic cross-talk reduction improves luminescence data quality
  • High-speed, full spectrum UV/vis absorbance (220 to 1000 nm in < 1 second per well)
  • Atmospheric Control Unit and temperature incubation for live cell-based assays
  • Reagent dispenser module with heather and magnetic stirrer
  • Reduced footprint

The Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) module enables independent, simultaneous control of both O2 and CO2 within the microplate reader chamber. Ranging from standard cell growth assays to cytotoxicity assays, the ACU provides the optimal environment for any live cell-based assay. Injectors can be combined with a software-controlled heater and magnetic stirrer, enabling reagent mix and dispensing from a bottle or beaker at a specific temperature.

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VANTAstar Multi-Mode Microplate Reader by BMG LABTECH product image

VANTAstar Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Manufacturer BMG LABTECH  |  Available Worldwide

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