Typhoon laser-scanner platform by Cytiva

Manufacturer Cytiva
Amersham™ brand Typhoon™ laser-scanner platform provides exceptional data quality through extremely sensitive detection, high image resolution, and a very broad linear dynamic range. These versatile imaging systems support multiple imaging modes, including phosphor imaging, red/green/blue (RGB) and long and short wavelengths of near infrared fluorescence (NIR), as well as optical densitometry (OD) of proteins in stained gels. Typhoon™ also supports multiple samples types 

Typhoon laser-scanner platform by Cytiva product image
Typhoon laser-scanner platform
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Amersham™ brand Typhoon™ scanners deliver: 

  • Versatility: use one system to image multifluorescent-, radioisotope-labeled, and colorimetric samples on gels, membranes, multiwell plates, culture dishes, glass slides, and tissue sections.
  • Accurate quantitation: detect signals from as low as 3 pg of protein and differences across a dynamic range with greater than five orders of magnitude. 
  • High resolution: resolve fine details in your sample with a pixel resolution of as low as 10 µm. 
  • High sample throughput: large scanning area of 40 × 46 cm enables you to simultaneously image up to 20 gels or blots, measuring 10 × 8 cm in size. It is also possible to scan up to 9 multiwell plates in a single scan. This throughput facilitates comparisons among blots and plates, reduces workload, and decreases waiting time. 
  • Flexibility: modular design allows you to customize the imager for your users’ needs. Systems can be adapted with stages, detectors, filters, and lasers. Several upgrade kits are available. 
  • Ease of use: Amersham™ brand Typhoon™ 5, RGB, NIR Plus, and NIR models have auto- and semi auto-scan functions, as well as automatic filter recognition.