Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Streptavidin Magnetic Beads by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |   Model: 88817
Pierce Streptavidin Magnetic Beads accelerate throughput for automated magnetic purification of biotinylated molecules.

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Streptavidin Magnetic Beads by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Streptavidin Magnetic Beads
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Pierce Streptavidin Magnetic Beads use a recombinant form of streptavidin with a mass of 53kDa and a near-neutral isoelectric point (pI). The iron oxide, super-paramagnetic particles offer superior performance (high capacity and low nonspecific binding) compared with other commercial magnetic beads. Pierce streptavidin magnetic beads are validated and optimized for use with high-throughput magnetic platforms, such as the Thermo Scientific KingFisher 96 and KingFisher Flex Instruments, but the beads also enable premium performance for simple benchtop applications using an appropriate magnetic stand. The beads are ideal for immunoprecipitations, protein-protein interaction studies, and isolating biotylated PCR products.


  • High-performance beads—non-aggregating, pre-blocked, iron oxide, superparamagnetic microparticles provide exceptional uniformity for automated HTS and manual applications alike
  • Stable immobilization chemistry—streptavidin is immobilized using leach-resistant chemistry
  • High capacity—superior quality beads with high binding capacity provide rapid and efficient biomolecule purification from complex samples
  • Low non-specific binding—stable, pre-blocked beads provide clean purification products that are compatible with mass spectrometry analysis and other downstream analyses
  • Superior performance—nearly three times higher binding capacity than typical beads