Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Spray™ HPLC Columns by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |   Model: IQLAALGABXFANUMBBF  |  Available Worldwide
EASY-Spray fully integrated HPLC column/temperature/emitter design. Glass emitter (purchased separately) delivers an exceptionally stable spray. Integrated column with temperature control provides maximum reliability and performance. A single nanoViper connection between the HPLC column and the MS ion source eliminates dead volumes. Thermo Scientific™ nanoViper™ fingertight fitting prevents overtightening and bad connections.

Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Spray™ HPLC Columns by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Spray™ HPLC Columns
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Ensure robust nano and capillary flow into your LC-MS using Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Spray™ HPLC Columns. The integrated column/emitter design eliminates dead volume and is temperature-controlled for maximum reliability and performance. Rigorously tested to ensure maximum quality, these columns deliver maximum simplicity and ease-of-use. The capillary flow HPLC columns provide sensitive protein, peptide, and monoclonal antibody (mAb) separation. They give proteomics researchers more than ever before: more throughput, more sensitivity, more separation power and more ease of use.