TD-SIFT-MS by Gerstel GmbH & Co. KG

Manufacturer Gerstel GmbH & Co. KG  |  Available Worldwide

TD-SIFT-MS combines the selectivity and robustness of Syft Technologies’ Voice200ultra MS with the inertness and concentrating power of GERSTEL’s Thermal Desorber TD 3.5+.

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The speed and selectivity of selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) comes from the application of multiple, rapidly switchable reagent ions, while the soft chemical ionisation provides high sensitivity and precision. Coupling SIFT-MS with GERSTEL automation has allowed for further improvements in repeatability and sample throughput. This is ably assisted by the intelligence of GERSTEL’s Maestro software. In addition to controlling the injection into the SIFT-MS instrument, the Maestro software’s PrepAhead function allows for optimal sample scheduling, as well as temperature ramping and cooling steps. 

The new TD-SIFT-MS system developed jointly by Syft® Technologies and GERSTEL combines the high sensitivity and real-time capabilities of Syft Technologies’ Voice200ultra with the flexibility, inertness and efficiency of GERSTEL’s Thermal Desorption Technology.  The result is sub-part-per-billion sensitivity with run times of less than 5 minutes per sample. Automated analysis of TD tubes is based on the GERSTEL Thermal Desorber (TD) 3.5+ combined with the proven GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS robotic).