TALYS ASP310 Wet Bath Monitoring Analyzer by ABB Analytical Measurements

Manufacturer ABB Analytical Measurements  |  Available Worldwide
Wet bath monitoring analyzer

TALYS ASP310 Wet Bath Monitoring Analyzer by ABB Analytical Measurements product image
TALYS ASP310 Wet Bath Monitoring Analyzer
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Fulfills the needs of equipment suppliers to semiconductor, solar and LED Fabs. TALYS is a state of the art analyzer which is ideally suited for real time, in bath, monitoring of a wet etching, cleaning, and PR removal bath.

The TALYS- ASP300 series represents the latest generation of process analyzers for the Semiconductor industry. It provides semiconductor, LED and solar cell manufacturing with superior performance offered at a cost suitable for today’s tightening budgets.

The high performance results of the TALYS ASP300 series permits equipment operators and engineers to reduce chemical usage while minimizing excursion events with real time bath component predictions.

Key features:

  • Simplicity of operation eliminates the need for analyzer experts, runs 24/7 with data displayed on tool monitor.
  • Reagent free operation reduces cost of ownership
  • Low cost solution meets available budgets
  • No wetted parts sampling eliminates the need for tubing modifications and ensures contamination control.
  • Flexibility allows the analyzer’s electronic configuration file to be uploaded from email for additional bath monitoring routines.
  • Multiple bath chemistries can be monitored at one sample point, reducing the number of analyzers required.