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MB3600 FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer for QA/QC

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High-performance FT-NIR Analyzer designed for QA/QC

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The MB3600 is the most versatile high performance FT-NIR analyzer in the market specifically designed for QA/QC. The double-pivot interferometer’s innovative design ensures increased robustness. The optics are permanently aligned, enabling more repeatable, reproducible spectroscopy and eliminating the need for dynamic alignment. The scanning mechanism has a lifetime guarantee. With its vertical, space-efficient design, the MB3600 optimizes laboratory workspace and facilitates access to internal components.

First maintenance-free FT-NIR analyzer

The MB3600 FT-NIR laboratory analyzer is a highly effective spectrometer for development and implementation of precise quantitative analysis procedures for:

  • Process monitoring method development
  • Final product QA
  • At line process monitoring

The MB3600 analyzer can be used to perform analysis of liquids, powders/pellets and gels.

No consumables.

The MB3600 contains fixed components that do not wear out with use, meaning no components to replace or adjust. With the MB3600, the HeNe LASER is replaced by a solid state laser. All optics are non-hygroscopic. Purging is not required for protection of optics.

Long-life source.

To maximize reliability, the source is operated so as to provide a 10-year expected lifetime.

Versatility at a glance

The arid-zone open sample compartment of the MB3600 addresses all the needs of the modern analytical laboratory. It can hold a wide variety of easily swappable ABB or third-party accessories that do not require alignment. The instrument can also be purged if needed.

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