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TALYS ASP400 process analyzer for refineries & petrochem

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FT-NIR analyzer for real-time monitoring of refinery and petrochemical process streams.

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The TALYS ASP400-Ex series is a simple, robust industrial FT-NIR process analyzer maximizing the return-on investment for refinery and petrochemical industries.

The TALYS ASP400 series analyzer is designed to achieve monitoring and control of continuous processes. Its seamless installation enables real-time process monitoring, determination of stream
properties or physical qualities, process characterization and early troubleshooting.

This analyzer is suitable for a wide range of refinery process monitoring applications including naphtha conversion units such as catalytic reforming, isomerization, naphtha hydro-treating and steam-cracking as well as applications in HF alkylation, gasoline blending and LPG.


  • Small Footprint
  • Fully integrated in single enclosure
  • Unit may be either shelf or wall mounted
  • No Analyzer PC required
  • ExP purge controller integrated with base enclosure
  • Low cost of ownership with virtually no scheduled maintenance for 5 years
  • On-board HMI display and embedded controller
  • Full connectivity to DCS: Modbus TCP/IP, RTU and OPC
  • Hardwired I/O and pneumatics for sample system control in ExD enclosure with ABB PLC module


  • Simple installation with very limited footprint in analyzer shelter
  • Possible to field-mount in weather-protection cabinet or enclosure
  • Multiple properties are estimated simultaneously, and calibration model sets for different process stream grades or types may be implemented
  • Minimal field maintenance requirement
  • Flexible sampling – the TALYS ASP400 series is suitable for use with insertion / extraction transmission or transflectance probes, flow-through fast-loop sample cells, or full specification extractive sampling system with automatic wash.

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