Supelco® Smart SPME Fibers by Merck

Manufacturer Merck
Our Smart SPME fibers are equipped with a unique Smart chip that offers traceability, ease-of-use, and increased productivity. The smart SPME fibers are an extension of our expertise and innovation from traditional SPME coatings to smart SPME format for accurate, reliable, and consistent results.

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Supelco® Smart SPME Fibers
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Now you can use the full range of Supelco® SPME fibers with your PAL autosampler system. Supelco® PAL Smart SPME fibers combine our SPME coating expertise and innovations, including our Carboxen®, dual-coated, and overcoated fibers, with Smart technology for seamless sample preparation. Our Smart fibers are equipped with a unique Smart chip that offers the following benefits:

  • Traceability: monitor usage, stroke count, dates of operation, and temperature exposure.
  • Ease-of-use: automatic application of correct parameters for each specific SPME fiber coating.
  • Increased productivity: fully automated for high throughput sample preparation.

The entire portfolio of our traditional Supelco® SPME fibers is now available in the Smart SPME format for accurate, precise and consistent results.

This range of engineered sorbent phases offer the following benefits:

  • Optimal extraction and desorption efficiency
  • Minimized sample carryover
  • Sampling of analytes over a wide molecular weight range