sol-R™ coded beads by SPT Labtech

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide
Making light work of ELISA

sol-R™ coded beads by SPT Labtech product image
sol-R™ coded beads
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SPT Labtech’s sol-R coded beads represent a range of reagents for the quantification of secreted protein in multiplexed screening assays.

Designed for use with SPT Labtech’s mirrorball fluorescence cytometer, sol-R beads are set to revolutionise the immunoassay workflow.


  • No-wash, mix and read protocols
  • Automation friendly solution
  • 384-well plate read time in 12 minutes
  • Up to 5 codes for multiplexing
  • Consistent binding capacity across codes
  • No-wash protocols, no loss of weak interactions
  • Multiplex to save precious samples
  • Decreased screening costs

SPT Labtech’s sol-R beads are available with streptavidin and carboxy coating. Any combination of codes 1-5 may be brought together into sol-R bead kits. Kits are optimised for 384-well plates but protocols for 96-well and 1536-well plates are also available. TTP Labtech’s sol-R beads may be purchased in volumes for dispensing into 1, 5, 20, 50 & 100 assay plates.

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sol-R™ coded beads by SPT Labtech product image

sol-R™ coded beads

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide

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