Sirius 2 LB 9526 Tube Luminometer by BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Co. KG

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Sirius 2 LB 9526 Tube Luminometer by BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Co. KG product image
Sirius 2 LB 9526 Tube Luminometer
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  • Member since: 2020

  • Organization: CICESE

  • Ease of use
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Very good after-sales/after-guarantee cost-free attention, like in the old days.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Measure ATP in marine microbes

"I was amazed at the help received from the manufacturer (Berthold Technologies) when I reactivated a Berthold Sirius Luminometer. I find that the sensitivity of the instrument is comparable to any new instrument."

Review date: 26 May 2020 | Sirius 2 LB 9526 Tube Luminometer

Sirius 2 LB 9526 is a compact and highly sensitive tube luminometer. Light collection is maximized through both the close proximity of the sample to the detector and the use of optimized light reflectors surrounding the sample vial. The luminometer is upgradeable with up to two injectors, making it perfect for flash assays, and can be equipped with an intuitive touch screen computer, enabling stand-alone operation.

The system is the perfect choice for all luminescent flash and glow applications performed in single sample format, for example reporter gene assays, dual-reporter assays, ATP assays, cell proliferation, cytotoxicity and biomass assays, or environmental toxicity and mutagenicity assays.

Sirius 2 benefits at a glance:

  • Results you can trust: The Sirius 2 is equipped with a high-sensitivity detector that can detect less than 0.5 zmol firefly luciferase.
  • Maximise your benchtop space: PC-free operation (Sirius 2 Touch) and ultra-compact 15 cm wide footprint that fits any laboratory setting.
  • Quick-start functions: Closing the sample drawer automatically initiates the measurement with no need to press any key. An automated light shutter protects the detector from ambient light, making the instrument ready to measure from the moment the door is closed.
  • Advanced touchscreen operation: The intuitive touch-screen interface of the Sirius 2 Touch allows easy editing of experimental conditions, handling of replicates, dual assay calculations, and display of graphics. 


  • Reporter gene assays
  • Luminescent immunoassays
  • ATP quantification
  • Caspase assays
  • Kinase assays
  • Toxicity and mutagenicity of water samples