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Select-eV by SepSolve Analytical

Manufacturer SepSolve Analytical  |  Available Worldwide
Variable-energy electron ionization source technology for GC–MS
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Select-eV®, available with BenchTOF mass spectrometers, enables the energy of ionising electrons to be changed, breaking new ground in the field of GC-MS.



  • Obtain reference-quality electron ionisation mass spectra with conventional full-fragmentation patterns, and repeatable 'soft-ionization' spectra with reduced fragmentation and an enhanced molecular ion
  • Overcome sensitivity compromises of previous approaches to soft electron ionisation, and the inconvenience of reagent gases or source exchange required with other approaches to soft ionization
  • Desired ionization energy simply selected as part of the method setup in the controlling software
  • Energies can be varied from standard 70 eV down to 10 eV
  • Now with Tandem Ionisation® capability, allowing fast switching between hard and soft ionization across and peak, for simultaneous acquisition of two data sets in a single run


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Select-eV by SepSolve Analytical product image


Manufacturer SepSolve Analytical  |  Available Worldwide

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