SC50 Digital Colour Camera by EVIDENT

Manufacturer EVIDENT  |  Available Worldwide
Fast live camera with high color fidelity

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SC50 Digital Colour Camera
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The Olympus SC50 camera delivers an unprecedented level of performance, in a reliable and easy way to use.

Whether is the automatic White Point balancing or the active noise cancellation it will be easy to produce high-quality images for documentation. The camera is fast and responsive, thanks to the USB 3.0 interface and the enhanced sensitivity, allowing for stress-free long sessions at the monitor.


  • Affordable High Performance - Quality has never been so affordable with the new 5 megapixel SC50. Designed for everyday use and ideal under low light conditions, fast Full HD imaging is now easily achieved in a wide range of routine applications.
  • Smartly sensitive - In addition to achieving Full HD images at 32 fps, sensitivity is now vastly improved by the sensor´s “lightguide” technology, boosting the light collection capability of each pixel. Meanwhile, Olympus Smart Image Averaging keeps noise under control, producing clean images especially in low light. The dedicated algorithm cleverly detects sample movement and protects against “trail” artefacts, while lateral resolution is enhanced with a new, smaller pixel size.
  • Effortlessly colourful - Designed for ease of use, the SC50 boasts an automatic “White Point” balance. Regardless of illumination conditions, colours are always perfectly balanced and devoid of any colour cast - without the need to constantly adjust the camera settings or make post-acquisition corrections.