SamuxMP Auto by Refeyn

Manufacturer Refeyn  |  Available Worldwide
The SamuxMP Auto is the automated mass photometer for AAV characterization, autonomously measuring up to 24 samples in approximately 90 minutes. The instrument rapidly measures AAV empty/full ratios, sample purity, and particle aggregation for any AAV serotype – with high precision and reproducibility.
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The SamuxMP Auto instrument, showing the mass photometer and

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The SamuxMP Auto offers all the advantages of AAV capsid analysis with mass photometry while adding convenience and reproducibility via automated, highly consistent sample manipulation. It accurately measures empty/full capsid ratios of AAVs, and detects partially filled and overfilled AAVs in heterogeneous samples.

​The SamuxMP Auto can autonomously analyze 24 samples in as little as 90 minutes, yet fits on a benchtop. Its integrated software suite allows the user to define measurement protocols, analyzes the 24 measurements on the fly, and makes it easy to plot and export the resulting data in a variety of formats.

The robotics unit can be retrofitted to existing SamuxMP instruments.

Key benefits of the SamuxMP Auto include:

  1. Characterization of AAV samples
    • Empty/full AAV capsid ratio 
    • Partially filled and overfilled capsids
    • Detection of aggregates and impurities
    • Rough titer estimation
  2. Automated measurement
    • 24 measurements in about 90 min
    • High reproducibility
    • Automation unit retrofittable to the SamuxMP
  3. ​​Easy setup
    • Benchtop instrument
    • Minimal sample preparation
    • Minimal training required

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Samux<sup>MP</sup> Auto by Refeyn product image

SamuxMP Auto

Manufacturer Refeyn  |  Available Worldwide

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