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RNA GEM is a simple, rapid RNA extraction solution that leverages a powerful thermophilic proteinase to simultaneously lyse cells and eliminate RNases, thereby stabilizing the RNA and maintaining its integrity without harsh chemicals or multiple washes.  The single-tube extraction protects precious samples, ensuring all RNA is preserved. It is the ideal solution for gene expression from a very small number of cells without the need for harsh chemicals or further purification.

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RNAGEM is a versatile reagent kit that quickly and efficiently lyses cells, eliminates RNases, and stabilizes and preserves the integrity of the RNA, making it the ideal solution for gene expression using very small sample amounts. The kit extracts DNA and RNA from many sample types including mammalian cell culture, laser capture micro-dissections and FACS-prepared cell populations, such as macrophages. Easily scaled, this temperature-driven, single-tube extraction is fast and simple, and can be conducted in a thermocycler, thermoblock or even a simple water bath. RNA can be extracted from up to 96 samples simultaneously in 5-20 minutes. In comparison to traditional methods, total RNA (including miRNA) can be extracted using the same kit. The single-tube approach does not require harsh chemicals and drastically reduces the use of plastic consumables. 

The kit includes RNase-free enzymes, buffers, and DNase I. The extracted RNA is compatible with down-stream applications such as qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, LAMP, Nanostring and RNAseq. 

  • Simplified, hands-off workflow provides RT-PCR and RT-qPCR ready RNA in 5 minutes
  • Releases both RNA and DNA with excellent linearity across a wide range of cell numbers
  • Requires no further purification of the RNA for accurate RT-PCR and RT-qPCR analysis
  • Inhibitor-free means no harsh chemical washes or multiple steps are required
  • Reduced handling protects the integrity of the sample