Respiratory VOC Panel by Owlstone Medical

Manufacturer Owlstone Medical  |  Available Worldwide
A targeted panel of compounds with established relevance for respiratory diseases enabling high confidence, non-invasive disease detection and monitoring. Each compound is supported by evidence from breath research studies of relevant respiratory diseases and disease processes. The panel is available as an aspect of Breath Biopsy Services and panels for other disease applications are in development.
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Breath Biopsy Respiratory VOC Panel

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Human breath samples can contain up to 1000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) originating from environmental sources and the body’s own metabolic processes. VOCs on breath are a rich source of biological information with relevance for early disease detection, drug development, precision medicine and treatment monitoring across a wide range of contexts. Breath Biopsy® provides comprehensive solutions for the collection and analysis of compounds on breath.

Breath Biopsy VOC Panels are an integrated capability available to users of Breath Biopsy Services. Each panel is developed and constantly updated to reflect available biological evidence relating specific VOCs to certain diseases and disease processes. The VOCs in our Respiratory VOC panel have been associated with conditions such as asthma, COPD and IPF in well-designed published research studies and through our own Breath Biopsy research studies.

By using the Breath Biopsy Respiratory VOC Panel together with Breath Biopsy Services for your research into respiratory diseases, your samples will be processed using our optimized analytical platform built on GC-Orbitrap technology and you will have access to our world-leading team of experts to support your study design, implementation and analysis.


  • Robust and reliable breath sample collection and analysis with expert support throughout
  • Analysis and interpretation focused and optimized for respiratory disease research
  • Compounds of interest supported by biological knowledge and established research evidence
  • Suitable for sample collection and analysis across a range of patient groups


Non-invasive breath sample analysis for use in academic, clinical and pharmaceutical research studies including:

  • Early detection and precision medicine for respiratory diseases including asthma, COPD and IPF
  • Drug development, treatment monitoring and complementary diagnostics
  • Longitudinal monitoring of exacerbations and treatment responses

Breath Biopsy Products and Services are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Respiratory VOC Panel by Owlstone Medical product image

Respiratory VOC Panel

Manufacturer Owlstone Medical  |  Available Worldwide

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