Q-POC™ by QuantuMDx

Manufacturer QuantuMDx  |  Available in Western Europe, Eastern Europe
Having rapid multiplex PCR testing at the Point of Need can make life better for millions of people in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, care homes, and a wide variety of clinical settings. Portable and simple to use, the Q-POC™ platform is a rapid multiplex PCR testing system that delivers fast, accurate, and actionable results in approximately 30 minutes at the Point of Need, to those who need it most.

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Q-POC (TM) Point of Need PCR testing platform and assay
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Q-POC has been designed for use in a range of real-world settings, including hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. The Q-POC™ platform compresses an entire molecular diagnostics laboratory into a single device requiring less than three minutes hands-on-time, with quality multiplex PCR results in as little as 30 minutes.

Portable Q-POC designed for use at the Point of Need

  • Footprint of an A4 sheet of paper
  • Battery operable for up to five test runs
  • Seamless transition between mains and battery in event of power disruption
  • Less than 8kg, with handholds for ease of transport

Intuitive Q-POC designed for use by busy healthcare professionals

  • Large and responsive touchscreen
  • Simplicity and familiarity of a smartphone interface
  • LIS connectivity for automated results reporting
  • Simple, intuitive software available in local languages