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Flash Purification No Longer Requires a Fume Hood

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PuriFlash 420


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  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    2 out of 5
    Value for money
    3 out of 5
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Fine product but some initial problems.
Rating: 3.0

  • Application Area: organic chemistry research

"the PuriFlash XS420 is fine, but some issues getting it up and running out of the box. Software debug was needed and a few components had to be replaced. Once initial troubles were past the instrument has been quite useful."

Review date: 26 Mar 2019 | PuriFlash 420

Safe bench-top installation with the integrated fume enclosure maximizes lab productivity by performing flash purification outside the fume hood.

  • >95% Recovery, 1.0 mAU UV Threshold
  • 4g - 800g Flash Columns
  • 4 - 300 ml/min @ 20 bar / 290 PSI
  • Less than 14 Inches Wide
  • Two Collection Racks, 18 x 150mm Tubes
  • UV Diode Array Detector
  • Reliable and Precise HPLC Pump
  • 10-Second Switch, Normal to Reverse Phase
  • TLC to Gradient Programming
  • 15-Inch HD Touch Screen Controller
  • Easy Access to UV Lamp and Flow Cell
  • Collector Needle Wash, No Cross-Contamination
  • Install on a Bench, Outside the Fume Hood

Purification of synthesis reaction mixtures, natural product extracts, proteins and peptides from mg to gram quantities are easily accomplished with the PuriFlash XS 420. The multi-wavelength UV-DAD (diode array detection) includes real-time full spectra scanning to confirm purity.

The heart of the instrument is the iQuat gradient HPLC pump, which provides a quaternary gradient plus a dedicated purge line (A+B+C+D, i). A ten-second isopropanol purge prepares the flow path for either normal or reverse phase. The pump has 1% accuracy, which allows for shallow gradients without having to premix the mobile phase. Zero to 5% MeOH in DCM over 20 column volumes is accurate and reproducible.