Protein L Probes by Gator Bio

Manufacturer Gator Bio  |  Available Worldwide
Binds IgGs of various species through the kappa light chain. Dynamic range of 0.02 – 2000 µg/mL.

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Protein L Probes
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Gator™ Protein L (ProL) Probes are useful in measuring the concentration and kinetics of antibodies. Specifically, Protein L binds specifically to certain subtypes of kappa light chain, including human VκI, VκIII and VκIV subtypes, and mouse VκI subtype. As there is no heavy chain involved in binding interaction, Protein L can bind to all antibody classes (IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE and IgD), as well as single chain variable fragments (scFv) and Fab fragments. These probes can be regenerated and reused for multiple experiments.