Plate hive by Kbiosystems

Manufacturer Kbiosystems
Automated Plate Stacker

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Plate hive
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Plate Hive, Automated Plate Stacker

System Specification:

• Automated SBS format plate stacking system
• All SBS format micro well plates
• Cycle time of 4 seconds present 4 seconds return
• ability to handle tip racks, contact KBiosystems to confirm ability of rack types
• Plate heights from 9 to 48mm high
• handles lidded and non lidded plates (requires optional easy hotel change)
• Holds up to 72 plates
• Supplied with two hotel units one pre, one post cycled plates
• Narrow footprint to minimise working area
• Twin systems can operate to increase in and out feeds to operational units
• Easy operation user control software
• Offers a restack option if plate arrangement is important
• Integration friendly to other plate based systems (full ASCII command set available)