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K6 colony picker

KbiosystemsAvailable: Worldwide

K6 automated colony picking systems represent an ideal entry-level system for laboratories looking for reliable, consistent identification and extraction for sample recovery.

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Offering complete versatility, the K6 Series will work with a wide range of plates for both source and destination, such as microplates (96,384 shallow and deep well formats), Petri Dishes (from 4 to 15cms), Omni style trays, multi-well growth plates, and bioassay trays.

Picking accuracy is in excess of 98.5%. The use of different pin types allows transfer volumes to be defined and all pins are manufactured in 316 stainless steel for ease of cleaning and longevity.

The system is available in three configurations: K6 picker only, K6 XT picker with automated destination plates, single or dual lane and K6 XL picker with automated source trays and destination plates (single or dual lane).

  • Picking accuracy in excess of 98.5%
  • Full positional feedback
  • Imaging carried out via USB3 camera system

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