PG 8504 Laboratory Glassware Washer by Miele Professional USA

Manufacturer Miele Professional USA  |  Available Worldwide
PG8504 - Undercounter Laboratory glassware washer

PG 8504 Laboratory Glassware Washer by Miele Professional USA product image
PG 8504 Laboratory Glassware Washer
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Glassware washer with powder dispensing & DI water supply.

  • Perf./cycle, e.g., 64 narrow-neck/lab glassware w/ injectors
  • Efficient use of resources - variable speed heater pump
  • Dispense process chemicals easily: Powder dispenser in the door
  • With DI water connection – final rinse with demineralized water

Crevice-free wash cabinet: The entirely new wash cabinet developed by Miele Professional sets new standards in hygiene. The wash cabinet is seamlessly welded using laser technology and its smooth joints protect the chamber from the built-up of dirt deposits. An additional level of hygiene is achieved by installing the heating elements outside the wash cabinet. Baskets, accessories and cleaning agents are additional and not included. 

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