PAX-8 (MRQ-50) by Merck

Manufacturer Merck  |   Model: 363M-1 series
PAX-8 (MRQ-50) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

PAX-8 (MRQ-50) by Merck product image
PAX-8 (MRQ) on clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
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PAX-8 is a transcription factor expressed during embryonic development of Müllerian organs, kidney, and thyroid, with continued expression in some epithelial cell types of these mature tissues. It can be useful for marking several types of carcinoma including ovarian serous carcinoma, clear cell renal cell carcinoma, and papillary thyroid carcinoma. Additionally, PAX-8 is not found in the epithelial cells of the breast, lung, mesothelium, stomach, colon, pancreas and other sites.