PAL Auto Sampler Systems by Agilent Technologies

Increase productivity in your GC and GC/MS lab with high throughput and automated sample preparation capabilities The high-end PAL3 autosampler offers three types of injection techniques: liquid injection, headspace, and solid phase microextraction (SPME).

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PAL Auto Sampler Systems
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The PAL3 Series II Autosampler Systems provide high sample capacity and greater automated sample preparation capability to optimize lab productivity. PAL3 Series II technology offers automatic feedback on the specifications and use history of consumables, provided on both the handheld controller and in a convenient report from Agilent OpenLAB or MassHunter software. The PAL3 Series II has options for multiple types of sample injection techniques for maximum flexibility: liquid injection, static and dynamic headspace, and solid phase microextraction (SPME fibers and SPME Arrow).


  • Four models available including the liquid LSI 85cm, the liquid/headspace RSI 85cm and 120cm versions, and the liquid/headspace Robotic Tool Change (RTC) in 120cm length
  • Robotic Tool Change (RTC) option allows up to three unique tool exchanges to automatically switch between liquid, headspace, and SPME fibers or SPME Arrow
  • Interfaces with Agilent GC or GC/MS systems with top mounting to save valuable bench space
  • Integrated software control available for OpenLAB CDS (ChemStation & EZChrom Editions) and MassHunter GC/MS software, with Series II Smart reports with details on consumables for process safety, reliability, and ease of use
  • The Series II technology utilizes smart chips in the consumables that provide detailed information to the PAL3 sampling head and reports to the Agilent software for helpful reporting and full traceability
  • Heated syringe headspace, static and dynamic sampling for sample concentration
  • Solid-phase microextraction using either SPME fibers and SPME Arrow
  • Capacity up to 686 2-mL vials and 224 10/20-mL vials on the 120-cm long sampler
  • 85-cm long PAL3 Series II also available with capacity for 294 2-mL vials and 96 10/20-mL vials
  • Accommodates deep-well and standard microplates