OXITEST - Oxidation Stability Test Reactor by Velp Scientifica Srl

Manufacturer Velp Scientifica Srl  |  Available Worldwide
The innovative solution able to provide high added-value information concerning fat oxidation process

OXITEST - Oxidation Stability Test Reactor by Velp Scientifica Srl product image
OXITEST - Oxidation Stability Test Reactor

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Oxidation of fats contained in foods can be considered as one of the most important factors affecting shelf-life of food. OXITEST is an innovative instrument able to provide useful information concerning the oxidative stability of lipids in foods.

OXITEST is the innovative solution of VELP Scientifica, entirely controlled by the powerful OXISoft™, able to provide high quality, added value information concerning oxidative stability in foods, oils and fats.

Multiple Applications

  • Prediction of the oxidative stability during shelf-life studies
  • Evaluation of the adequacy of storage conditions
  • Evaluation of the best packaging solution
  • Comparison of the oxidation stability of different formulas for food preparations
  • Evaluation of the oxidative stability of vegetable oils of different botanical origin
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of antioxidants
  • Oxidative stability test of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products

Simple & Safe Operation

  • Intuitive OXISoft™ software – easy to learn and use
  • Overpressure safety valve
  • Alarms for damaged probe and out-of-range temperature
  • Choice of language for OXISoft™ software

Maximum Productivity

  • No sample preparation – works on the whole sample (fat included)
  • Twin chambers for duplicate or parallel analysis
  • Manage up to 4 OXITESTs with the same software

Versatile Data Handling

  • Data recordable in a database
  • Test comparison available with data overlays
  • Data exporting via USB to pen drive or PC
  • Output in .xls, .txt and .csv format to match reporting systems

Robust Design

  • Robust titanium sample chambers
  • Hermetic, sealed closure of the chambers