Organoid Analysis Module by CytoSmart Technologies B.V.

Manufacturer CytoSmart Technologies B.V.  |  Available Worldwide
The Organoid Analysis Module for the CytoSMART Omni systems is an advanced machine-learning algorithm for robust organoid quantification, tracking, and analysis. 

Organoid Analysis Module by CytoSmart Technologies B.V. product image
Robust organoid monitoring and quantification
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Key features of the Organoid Analysis Module:

  • Accurate  – Minimize user-to-user variability with advanced image analysis that incorporates innovative machine-learning algorithms
  • Fast  – Save time with simple software designed to identify every visible organoid across an entire plate
  • Multi-informative – Get better data with software that assesses number, diameter, area, aspect ratio, eccentricity/roundness, and population distribution of organoids in a sample

With the Organoid Analysis Module, you can detect and quantify a diverse range of organoid phenotypes. Quickly identify organoids, compare conditions, create population distributions, and chart development over time.

  • Track long-term development, label-free
  • Analyze undisturbed biology from within the incubator
  • Image every visible organoid within the well
  • Collect more data with less work, with automated acquisition and user-friendly analysis