Olink® Flex by Olink Proteomics

Manufacturer Olink Proteomics  |  Available Worldwide
Fully flexible made-to-order product for analysis of immune-related protein biomarkers.

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Olink® Flex
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Olink® Flex empowers scientists with unprecedented freedom to analyze inflammatory pathways. With a library of more than 200 thoroughly pre-validated immune-related assays, markers of interest can be freely mixed and matched to create the perfect 21-plex panel to fit any specific research needs. Olink’s PEA technology assures consistent and reliable data quality in absolute quantification, with excellent specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range. Costs and precious sample are saved by the robust system of internal controls that allows for singlicate sample analysis and by using just 1 µL per panel. Precarious and inconvenient washing steps and expensive maintenance are eliminated with Olink’s streamlined workflow and elegant instrument design.