OHpak LB-802.5 by Showa Denko Europe GmbH

Manufacturer Showa Denko Europe GmbH  |   Model: F6429211
Polymer-based column for aqueous Size Exclusion Chromatography (GFC) suitable for light scattering detector.

OHpak LB-802.5 by Showa Denko Europe GmbH product image
OHpak LB-802.5
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Size Exclusion column for aqueous soluable polymers separation. Designed for Light Scattering detection (MALS).

  • Suitable for light scattering detectors because of bleeding control
  • Polymer-based packed column for aqueous SEC (GFC) analysis
  • Supports a wide range of molecular weight sample analysis
  • High crosslinking for stability
  • For modified proteins (PEG), polysaccharides, surfactants
  • 2-3 column be used in row to increase MW range or performance
  • The eluent can be replaced with DMF, enabling the analysis of polar polymers
  • Correspondes to USP L38 and L39