Non-binding microplates by Greiner Bio-One GmbH

Manufacturer Greiner Bio-One GmbH  |   Model: 6509XX, 6519XX, 6559XX, 7819XX, 7829XX, 7849XX  |  Available Worldwide
Microplates with non-binding surface properties for biochemical assays

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96 Well Non-binding Microplates
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Greiner Bio-One offers a surface chemistry with ultra-low non-specific binding properties.

The surface is characterised by low protein, DNA and peptide binding properties to significantly improve data quality especially in biochemical assays. Non-binding surfaces from Greiner Bio-One are achieved through stable chemical modification to covalently link functional groups with the base polystyrene polymer. Under aqueous assay conditions a hydrate layer forms, preventing dissolved biomolecules from binding to the microplate surface. As the non-binding surface is stable under common assay conditions, there is no potential for degradation or leaching and resultant assay interference. Non-binding microplates are featured in 96, 384 and 1536 well formats in black, white or clear, including solid and μClear® film well bottoms.


  • Ultra low non-specific biomolecular binding properties (proteins, DNA, RNA)
  • Long-term surface stability without degradation or leaching
  • Higher assay sensitivity with reduced background

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Non-binding microplates by Greiner Bio-One GmbH product image

Non-binding microplates

Manufacturer Greiner Bio-One GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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