NIR-Online Multipoint System by BUCHI

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Cost-efficient control of your entire process

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NIR-Online Multipoint System
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The BUCHI Rotavapor® R-300 takes care of all your rotary evaporation needs from basic, essential functions to fully automated distillation.

BUCHI NIR-Online® Solutions enable continuous monitoring of important process parameters such as moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch, fiber or residual oil at every step of the process. Innovative Multipoint heads provide the most economical way to monitor relevant check points for oil seed or grain milling industries as well as food, feed production and others.

The NIR-Online Multipoint System offers:

  • Cost-efficient control of whole process with up to nine Multipoint heads on one Multipoint sensor
  • Patent-pending daisy chain connection of Multipoint heads that reduces use of costly optical fibers
  • Ultimate time savings with automated report generation and auditing function for instant documentation
  • No need to challenging in-house calibrations or purchase costly calibration data bases thanks to AutoCalibration Function® 
  • Average return of investment in less than one year
  • Optimized use of time and resources with immediate process corrections
  • Maximal profit margins thanks to optimization of key process parameters
  • Robust design withstands harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, wind or humidity
  • User-friendly operation with intuitive interface and integration to process control systems
  • Ingress protected (IP65, IP66k) and ATEX certificed (gas and dust)
  • Ideal for demanding measurement points, such as discontinuous product flows in bucket elevators
  • Easy flask and vapor duct removal thanks to the proprietary Combi-Clip feature
  • Comfortable manual handling with ergonomic electric or manual lift
  • Immediate adjustment of parameters with intuitively positioned control knobs
  • Easy extension to a fully integrated system with a central interface, vacuum pump and recirculating chiller according to individual needs
  • Convenient choice between 5 L high-temperature and 1 L fast-heating bath
  • Wide range of beneficial accessories including seven different glass assemblies, safety shield, lid for heating bath, components for automatic distillation and automatic foam detection
  • Precise operation control with integrated digital display of heating temperature, rotation speed and lift position
  • Traceability of all process parameters including data recording and charting with the optional Interface I-300 Pro
  • Instant alert with push notification on mobile devices in case of process deviation (with Interface I-300 / I-300 Pro only)