NIR-Online Analyzer by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
Real-time process control with advanced NIR technology

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NIR-Online Analyzer for real-time NIR analysis of food
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NIR-Online Analyzer enables close monitoring of key parameters, such as moisture, fat and protein to detect and correct deviations in food manufacturing in real-time. The instruments continuously measure parameters and deliver data within seconds to guarantee maximal efficiency of the food production process. 

  • Direct display of most important parameters in the process control system
  • Fully automated instrument
  • Instant documentation including report generation and specialized auditing function
  • Optional bypass sampler for reference sample collection
  • Average return-of-investment of less than one year
  • Immediate corrections of workflow deviations to reduce waste and re-processing
  • Maximal profit margins by optimization of key parameters
  • No need to develop exhaustive in-house calibrations or purchase expensive calibration data bases thanks to patented AutoCalibration Function
  • Straightforward integration with process control systems
  • Operation in harsh environments due to ingress protection (IP65, IP66k) and ATEX certification (gas and dust)
  • Ideal for challenging measuring points, such as discontinuous product flows in bucket elevators
  • Increased reliability due to temperature controlled sensor