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Exceptional flexibility in next-generation sequencing

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  • Flexibility to choose any of four sequencing modules alone or in combination: pre-sequencing services, library preparation, sequencing, BioIT analysis
  • Power users can opt for use of sequencing platform alone
  • Economical solution for ready-to-load libraries
  • Data packages starting from 5 million reads (GATC Biotech exclusive)

NGSELECT gives customers unmatched flexibility in carrying out their sequencing projects. Researchers are treated to scalable output starting with the world’s only offer of 5Mb read packages for the Illumina platform. Customers can rely on our extensive experience isolating DNA and RNA from nearly any starting material imaginable. Users can then select from nine sophisticated library preparation protocols and multiple sequencing modes on our in-house Illumina and PacBio sequencing platforms. BioIT analysis can then be adapted to meet specific needs. Importantly, customers can select only one of the four sequencing modules (pre-sequencing, library prepration, sequencing, BioIT) or choose to pair them up in order to get the most suitable sequencing results for their individual projects.