Mycoplasma testing by Cell Lines Service GmbH

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Testing for the presence of mycoplasma. 1x qPCR und 1x cell-based assay including test certificate

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Mycoplasma testing
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Mycoplasmas are small, prokaryotic organisms which are a frequent contamination of cell cultures. Mycoplasma are not visible by microscopic analysis. However, the contamination may affect the vitality of cell lines which slows down the proliferation rate and morphology. Approximately 15 -35% of cell cultures are contaminated. Therefore it is essential that all cell stocks are routinely checked for mycoplasmas to secure a mycoplasma-free environment.

We conduct highly sensitive, specific cell-based as well as PCR-based tests for the most common species of mycoplasma, such as M. Hyorhinis, M. Arginini, M.Orale, M.Fermentans and A. laidlawii which represent 98% of tissue culture infections.