MultiPep 2 by CEM Corp.

Manufacturer CEM Corp.  |  Available Worldwide
Best in class parallel peptide synthesizer.

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MultiPep 2

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The MultiPep 2TM is the state of the art automated parallel peptide synthesizer. It features unmatched flexibility for screening hundreds of peptides in parallel using plates, columns, or cellulose membranes formats.

Flexible Formats

  • Plates = up to 384 (4 x 96) peptides at 1-10 μmol
  • Columns = 48 mini-columns (0.25, 0.50 mL) - 1-15μmol
  • 48 columns (2,5,10,20 mL) - 10-500μmol
  • 72 columns (2,5,10 mL) - 10-300μmol
  • SPOT Synthesis = up to 2400 peptides on four cellulose membranes
  • CelluSpotsTM = up to 768 peptides on a dissolvable cellulose support for spotting on many identical slides