Multicube 48 by Anton Paar

Manufacturer Anton Paar  |  Available Worldwide
Hot block digestion system  

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Multicube 48

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Multicube 48 is a robust laboratory hot block for acid digestion, evaporation, and concentration of samples. The outstanding design enables high-temperature homogeneity of ±1 °C over the whole block to ensure the same digestion quality for all samples. The high-purity, low-cost disposable vials have the lowest metal blanks to eliminate the risk of external contamination of your samples. Use the Multicube 48 vials for weighing and digesting, storing digested solutions, and as volumetric flasks to fill samples to the appropriate volume before inserting them in autosamplers for metal analysis by F-AAS, GF-AAS, ICP-OES, or ICP-MS. (Control unit needs to be ordered separately).

  • Acid digestion, evaporation, and concentration of samples
  • High temperature homogeneity (±1 °C)
  • Up to 48 samples in one run
  • Graduated digestion vials (50 mL) with Class A specification
  • Certified low metal backgrounds for 69 elements

Control Unit not included, to be ordered separately for full package: Multicube CT (196910), Racks (186876), and External Temperature Sensor (224678)