Multi-Specimen Fatigue Tester by TA Instruments

Manufacturer TA Instruments
TA Instrument’s Multi-Specimen Fatigue Instruments are designed to accelerate fatigue studies for a variety of materials, subcomponents and complete devices.  With the capability of simultaneously testing  up to 16 specimens at up to 100 Hz, users can generate S/N curves faster and with higher statistical confidence levels than ever before.  In this system, proven and refined technologies come together to quickly and confidently deliver results.

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Multi-Specimen Fatigue Tester
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  • Simultaneous axial fatigue of 16 specimens
  • Unparalleled durability and dynamic performance with the patented ElectroForce linear motor technology
  • Accelerated testing frequencies up to 100 Hz with unparalleled displacement amplitudes
  • Nanometer resolution and 5 micron accuracy displacement sensor
  • Independent force measurement for each specimen for real-time independent specimen failure detection
  • Individual precision adjustment and locking mechanisms for each specimen
  • Auto-fill fluid bath for convenience and stable temperature control from ambient to 45 °C
  • Integrated overtravel stop for reliable specimen protection
  • Complete visibility of all 16 specimen for easy optical measurements