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Isothermal Titration Calorimeter Affinity ITC

The Affinity ITC provides unmatched sample reproducibility with the highest sensitivity, innovative technology, and industry-proven reliability.

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TA Instruments - Waters LLC

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Average Rating 4.9

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Highly dependable and great technology behind the instrument


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Protein-Protein Interaction

The ITC instrument is so specific and accurate it gives in detail analysis of protein protein interaction or protein DNA interaction.

Review Date: 23 Sept 2022 | TA Instruments - Waters LLC

Critical results provider, easy to use.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Evaluate binding reactions

Our team uses the Affinity ITC to evaluate binding strength of our proteins on their substrates. Extreme sensitivity is needed, and the Affinity ITC delivers. Working with TA has also been a pleasure, from initial discussions to after sales installation and support.

Review Date: 2 Nov 2016 | TA Instruments - Waters LLC

Easy to use, great software, outstanding application support.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Analyze protein-protein interactions

Looking at several important protein-protein binding events, we needed an instrument with high sensitivity and low sample volume- and that is exactly what the Affinity ITC provides. From the initial point of contact through the post-installation application support, working with TA Instruments has been a very positive experience. We plan on adding their auto-sampler for high-throughput applications soon as well.

Review Date: 18 Aug 2016 | TA Instruments - Waters LLC

The Affinity ITC and ITC Auto are designed for the most challenging life science laboratory environments that require high sensitivity, high productivity and the most advanced ITC technologies. The Affinity ITC brings advanced engineering to all critical aspects of the measurement ensuring the highest quality ITC data.


  • AccuShot™ delivers the titrant to the right location for the best mixing
  • FlexSpin™ provides innovative slow speed stirring, efficient mixing and highest sensitivity
  • Fully automated, user-selectable system cleaning routines eliminate run-to-run contamination
  • Intelligent Hardware Positioning for precise reliable injections
  • Solid-state active heating and cooling for true isothermal temperature control
  • Choice of standard volume (1.0 mL) or low volume cells (190 µL)
  • Industry proven 96-well, temperature-controlled liquid handling autosampler. Autosampler can be included with initial purchase or added at a later date
  • Powerful ITCRun and NanoAnalyze for the most comprehensive suite of tools for method optimization, model fitting, batch analysis, graphing and data export.
  • TA Instruments has perfected what others have attempted. The Affinity ITC is a powerful tool for measuring a wide variety of molecular interactions. It provides both inexperienced and advanced ITC users the highest confidence in generating superior ITC data.

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