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Catalyst promoted high-temperature combustion, direct injection

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multi N/C® 2100
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  • Member since: 2014

  • Organization: Cochin University of Science and Technology

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Rating: 1.0

  • Application Area: Environmental Monitoring

"I am associated with the equipment MULTI N/C 2100S for the last year. This is the first equipment installed in the state of Kerala, India, unfortunately according to me, the performance of the equipment is in a sad condition. We are facing recurring errors and malfunctioning, the IC and TC reactor gets corroded within 5 to 6 months after purchase. The cost of spares is also very high which a research institution can’t maintain. In this scenario I would not recommend this equipment for a research purpose. "

Review date: 08 Apr 2014 | multi N/C 2100 TOC analyzer

Manufacturer's Response

"Analytik Jena AG has established its own subsidiary in India, AJ Instruments India Pvt. Ltd., in order to strengthen its presence in the Indian market. The subsidiary is based in New Delhi, from where the Company will serve the customers of its largest business unit, Analytical Instrumentation, in the Indian subcontinent. Previously, Analytik Jena has worked with several sales partners in the Indian market. Now, Analytik Jena offers local support to its customers including seminars and trainings. Our comprehensive seminar and training programs allow our customers the best possible and optimum utilization of our analysis systems. Learn more at:"

multi N/C® 2100 – the compact power pack!

The multi N/C® series is the powerful family of instruments with a convincing overall concept for the fully automatic and simultaneous analysis of the parameters TOC, NPOC, POC, TC, TIC und TNb in liquid samples.

multi N/C® offers the optimum solution for every application. From the analysis of drinking water and waste water, pharmaceutically used water or cleaning validation, surface water, through to water in power plants or in the semiconductor industry or solid substance analysis.

The multi N/C® 2100 is the space-saving TOC/TNb analyzer which demonstrates its strength particularly in the field of environmental analysis. Along with VITA®, the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector® and catalytic high temperature combustion up to 950 °C, multi N/C® 2100 is equipped with a perfect injection technique for particle containing samples. The integrated autosampler and the solid technique turn it into a compact routine analyzer.

The core element of the multi N/C® series models is the new Focus Radiation NDIR Detector® equipped with high-quality optics for precise detection of CO2. Energy-rich radiation is focused onto the microdetector with the help of integrated optics. The radiation density obtained in this way surpasses classical detectors many times. This results in higher sensitivity and precision over a wider measurement range.

Analytik Jena is the only manufacturer to gladly grant all customers a long-term warranty of 10 years for the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector®.

multi N/C® 2100 features:

  • Focus Radiation NDIR Detector®
  • VITA® Flow Management System (multi N/C® 2100 S)
  • Easy Cal (multi N/C® 2100 S)
  • Auto-protection
  • Catalyst promoted high temperature combustion of up to 950 °C
  • Sample feed by valve- and septum-free direct injection
  • Ideal for small as well as for large sample volumes 
  • Upgradeable for simultaneous determination of TNb (ChD or CLD)
  • Truly simultaneous determination of TOC and TNb with a single injection and using the same catalyst available either for HT 1300 or double furnace technology for solid analysis
  • Space-saving system with fully automatic autosamplers of different capacity (optionally)