mosquito® Xtal3 by SPT Labtech

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide
mosquito Xtal3 delivers protein crystallization without compromise. 

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mosquito® Xtal3
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mosquito® Xtal3 is our latest research enhancing liquid handler for protein crystallization screening. With structural biology becoming more multi-disciplinary, labs need a robust solution that’s easy-to-use by all. Delivering the same repeatable and reliable performance with our proven true positive displacement technology, mosquito Xtal3 delivers more performance at a lower price point than ever before… 

mosquito Xtal3 offers: 

  • new 3 position deck for experimental flexibility – rapid automated plate set up for all standard crystallization techniques: sitting drop, hanging drop, microbatch, bicelles, microseeding and additive screening  
  • new ‘touch friendly’ application driven software – quick and easy experimental guides for rapid set up and easy switching between crystallization methods 
  • reproducibility – every day, year-on-year, unrivalled across a wide range of viscosities, down to 10 nL on multi-aspirate  
  • exact drop precision – perfectly positioned drops for downstream imaging by placing protein and screen drops with the same head  
  • simple set up – eliminates the need for instrument configuration changes when changing techniques or liquid viscosities  
  • robust day-to-day performance – even in heavy use. Proven reliability with no blocking or clogging, rapid recovery 
  • well supported – all backed up by an experienced network of support and applications specialists ready to help 


  • sitting drop 
  • hanging drop 
  • microbatch (under-oil) 
  • Microseeding 
  • additive/fragment screening 
  • soaking experiments 
  • other low volume assays that could benefit from high throughput automation, e.g. PCR, compound screening 

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mosquito<sup>®</sup> Xtal3 by SPT Labtech product image

mosquito® Xtal3

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide

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