Mobile HomeCage™ by Neurotar

Manufacturer Neurotar  |   Model: NTR000251-04  |  Available Worldwide
Cutting edge brain research in awake mice without the biases introduced by anesthetics.

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Mobile HomeCage

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Mobile HomeCage enables neurophysiological experiments in freely-moving, non-anesthetized mice via a firm and stable head-fixation of an animal placed in a carbon-fiber enclosure suspended on a cushion of air.

Mobile HomeCage eliminates the need for anesthesia (and the biases that anesthetics introduce to the brain research), alleviates the stress experienced by animals under standard head-fixation conditions and enriches the experiment by exposing the animals to a variety of tactile, olfactory and visual stimuli. It allows combining two-photon / wide-field imaging, electrophysiology, optogenetics and electrochemistry with behavioral readouts.

  • No general anesthesia at any point
  • Tactile in addition to visual stimuli
  • Flat surface, freedom to move in any direction
  • Stable head-fixation, highly reproducible results
  • Efficient stress reduction – habituation in just 4 days!
  • Behavior added to high-precision techniques
  • (Maze navigation is possible in Mobile HomeCage Large)
  • Compatible with Virtual Reality (in a transparent cage)
  • Compact – fits most commercial two-photon set-ups without modifications
  • Exceptionally quiet and robust
  • Easy transition from in vitro to in vivo to in vigilo (“in awake”)


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Mobile HomeCage™ by Neurotar product image

Mobile HomeCage™

Manufacturer Neurotar  |  Available Worldwide

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