Micropix CCD-2.8MPc by Micropix

Manufacturer Micropix  |  Available in North America, Western Europe, Asia, Eastern Europe, South Central America, Australia Oceania, Africa
High sensitivity and excellent colour reproduction make this an all-round microscope camera.

Micropix CCD-2.8MPc by Micropix product image
Micropix CCD-2.8MPc

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  • Brand new digital microscope camera that uses the latest EXview HAD II Sony ICX687 CCD sensor.
  • High sensitivity to light and excellent colour reproduction.
  • 1928 x 1448 (2.8 megapixel), 1/2" CCD sensor.
  • Runs at a smooth 26 frames per second at full resolution via USB3 output.
  • A true all-rounder - can be used for normal brightfield, phase contrast, DIC, Hoffman, polarised light and even fluorescence.
  • Includes a mono mode allowing you to create mutli-channel fluorescence images with pseudo colour.
  • Supplied with free image acquisition software - Cytocam - which can be upgraded to include fluorescence and annotation features.