Lux i-Cellulose-5 Chiral by Phenomenex Inc

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Polysaccharide Chiral Column – Dependable, Scalable, Affordable

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Lux i-Cellulose-5 Chiral
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  • Ease of use
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Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Chiral Separations

"Lux Columns will show you detail about chemicals not previously seen on any other analytical column."

Review date: 06 Mar 2017 | Lux i-Cellulose-5 Chiral

The new dichlorophenyl-moiety part of the i-Cellulose-5 selector creates a novel chiral selectivity by way of having two strong electron accepting atoms that draw the electron cloud of the phenyl ring outward.

This interaction mechanism combines extremely well with the existing polar, hydrophobic, van der Waals, and other retention mechanisms to promote greater chiral separation success. Additionally, the immobilized portion of this new chiral stationary phase greatly increases column robustness by tolerating strong organic solvents such as DMSO, DCM, Ethyl Acetate, MtBE, and THF to be injected onto the column.