LiChrosolv UHPLC Solvents by Merck

Manufacturer Merck  |  Available Worldwide
For perfect high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) results, high-performance solvents are a must. LiChrosolv ® solvents are designed to optimally support analytical HPLC, fast chromatography, and LC-MS applications. They feature high degrees of UV transmittance, low particle counts, low acidity and alkalinity, and low evaporation residue levels making them ideal for reproducible separations.

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LiChrosolv UHPLC Solvents
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For analytical HPLC, we provide LiChrosolv® solvents in ‘isocratic grade’ and ‘gradient grade’. Gradient grade LiChrosolv® solvents enable you to minimize the gradient effect of the solvent involved – for example in enantiomeric separations on chiral phases – and are suitable for UPLC and UHPLC.

Benefits of our UHPLC-MS solvents:

  • Suitability tested and specified for UHPLC-MS and UHPLC-UV: for analytical flexibility
  • Specified quality in positive and negative ESI and APCI MS for lowest detection limits and confidence in analyses in all important MS modes
  • Lowest impurity profile: for interference-free baselines
  • Microfiltration through 0.2 µm filter: prolonged lifetime of filters and mechanical parts in HPLC systems and reduced risk of column clogging
  • Packaged in borosilicate glass bottles: minimized contamination with metal ions
  • Borosilicate bottle with GL45 neck finish, which can directly connect to instruments
  • Lowest levels of trace metal impurities: for minimized metal ion adduct formation
  • Lowest level of polyethylene glycol (PEG) impurities in our entire UHPLC-MS solvent line up to give you confidence in your results (PEG S/N signal-to-noise-ratio <50)

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LiChrosolv UHPLC Solvents by Merck product image

LiChrosolv UHPLC Solvents

Manufacturer Merck  |  Available Worldwide

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