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K1-030 Red Intense Microspheres by Merck

Manufacturer Merck  |   Model: FR180380637
Estapor® Red Intense Microspheres COOH PS 5%

K1-030 Red Intense Microspheres by Merck product image
High monodispersity shown by TEM analysis of Estapor® K1-040
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To face the challenge of developing a highly sensitive, rapid yes cost effective lateral flow test, we have developed a new red intense, carboxylated microspheres.  These red intense microspheres are used in the lateral flow application.  They are extremely uniformed and are dyed internally insuring maximum color brillance and preventing dye leaching in water or aqueous buffers.  

Key Advantages of Estapor(R) Red Intense Microspheres:

  • Improved assay sensitivity through greater signal intensity
  • Easy reading, even at lower conjugate concentration
  • Stable conjugates through easy covalent binding to the carboxl-modified microspheres


  • Concentration - 5%
  • Diameter - 0.270 - 0.330 um
  • Surface Function (COOH) - 200 -500 ueg/g