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Field Emission EPMA

JXA-iHP200F  by JEOL USA product image
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Research grade EPMA that provides both high imaging resolution and analytical resolution with a very high and stable probe current for optimum analytical performance.A new GUI provides a simplified work flow called "Easy EPMA" with built-in software and graphic-driven procedures for a broad range of user experience from the novice/occasional user to complete flexibility and capabilities for the very experienced EPMA scientist.

  • Higher total probe current deliverable to the sample
  • Performs both beam scanned line scans and maps as well as large area line scans and maps with stage scanning
  • Maximum beam current of 3 µAmps at the sample, at 30kV, assuring the ability to get sufficient beam currents at low kV for fast, high spatial resolution microanalysis
  • Flexible, customizable configuration of spectrometers and crystals
  • Supports JEOL Soft XRay Emission Spectrometers