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Research grade EPMA that provides both high imaging resolution and analytical resolution with a very high and stable probe current for optimum analytical performance. This new microprobe has a new SEM and EDS user interface (GUI) based on the FEG SEM's "SEM Center". It includes new algorithms for the auto functions of both the SEM column and the optical microscope. A new GUI provides a simplified work flow called "Easy EPMA" with built-in software and graphic-driven procedures for a broad range of user experience from the novice/occasional user to complete flexibility and capabilities for the very experienced EPMA scientist.

  • Customizable configuration of spectrometers and crystals optimized for the required application
  • Performs both beam scanned line scans and maps as well as large area line scans and maps with stage scanning
  • A 30mm2 integrated and embedded UTW-SDD-EDS system with high sensitivity including an in situ aperture wheel for ultrahigh beam current operation without compromising EDS spectrometer resolution and "Live" survey EDS acquisition to easily help find elements of interest
  • Specimen chamber supports both a panchromatic high bandwidth imaging CL and a fully quantitative hyper-spectral CL (xCLent V System) with no loss of a WDS or any limitation on image collection
  • Supports the installation of JEOL's Soft X-Ray Emission Spectrometers (SXES and SXES-ER) for ultralight elements and chemical state analysis

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