Intelligent Programmable Pump by Fluid Metering Inc.

Manufacturer Fluid Metering Inc.  |  Available Worldwide
The Intelligent Pump features a closed loop controlled stepper motor with integral 1000 line encoder  affording better starting and overall torque control, quiter operation, and higher speed capabilities than conventional open loop stepper systems.  Interface connector is a standard 0.1" space dual row 26 pin header.

Intelligent Programmable Pump by Fluid Metering Inc. product image
Intelligent Programmable Pump
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The Intelligent Programmable Pump Design Offers Multiple Programming Platforms

  • FMI's STH Stepper Pump with integral programmable driver
  • Driver provides servo control of a stepper pump
  • 5 programmable inputs, 2 programmable outputs
  • Programmable platforms include: Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, Lab View