INSIGHT by SepSolve Analytical

Manufacturer SepSolve Analytical  |  Available Worldwide
Flow modulator for GCxGC

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INSIGHT flow modulator for GCxGC

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INSIGHT™ ,the flow modulator from SepSolve Analytical, unlocks a range of multidimensional GC separations without the hassle and expense of liquid cryogen.
The innovative design uses reverse fill/flush dynamics to provide increased peak capacity for GC×GC compared to first generation flow modulators. In keeping with SepSolve’s customised GC and GC–MSproduct offering, the INSIGHT modulator integrates seamlessly into any commercial GC, with its compact design easily mounted within the oven.

The INSIGHT modulator not only offers the widest possible volatility separation for GC×GC modulation, but has the flexibility to perform heart-cutting, splitting for parallel detection, back flushing and critical component peak compression.