HILICpak VG-50 4E by Showa Denko Europe GmbH

Manufacturer Showa Denko Europe GmbH  |   Model: F7630200  |  Available in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa
  |  1 reviews
Polymer-based columns for Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography.

HILICpak VG-50 4E by Showa Denko Europe GmbH product image
HILICpak VG-50 4E
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Great unique sugar column
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Analyze sugars in food products

"One of our most used columns in our laboratory for the last year. Good separation, long life and reproducible results. This unique column separate all the sugars needed for our diary product analysis, even the glucose/galactose pair which is usually very hard to separate. At last, after using a lot of "sugar" columns, we found the one! This column is also fits well our CAD detector which needs a non bleeding column. Although not so cheap, it has a great value for money."

Review date: 31 Oct 2017 | HILICpak VG-50 4E

HILIC mode columns suitable for saccharide analysis. Designed for analyzing reducing sugars.

  • Suitable for analysis by hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC)
  • For saccharides (mono-, di-, oligosaccharides) and polar compounds
  • Polymer-based packing material provides excellent chemical stability and minimum deterioration over extended time period
  • pH stability: 2 to 13 (silanol free)
  • Also suitable for evaporative light scattering detector, corona charged aerosol detector, and LC/MS
  • Easily regenerated by washing in an alkaline solution
  • Suitable for Aldose separation due to the usage of tert. Amine groups and avoiding of Schiff base building