Helium Conservation Module by Agilent Technologies

Use this automated and user-programmable helium conservation module on an Agilent 8890, 8860, or 7890 GC to significantly reduce your helium consumption, especially when combined with Agilent Gas Saver.

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Helium Conservation Module
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Because it is not always convenient or even possible to convert helium methods to alternative carrier gases such as hydrogen or nitrogen, conservation offers a viable and attractive solution. The Agilent programmable helium conservation module is built around our latest generation of Electronic Pneumatic Control (EPC). It bridges two EPC channels to deliver a single carrier gas flow to the GC allowing you to use helium for your GC runs and switch to a different gas (typically nitrogen) when your GC is idle. The module is fully programmable using the sleep/wake functions of the Agilent OpenLAB CDS system control software.


  • Better control of laboratory operating expenses. Stretching your helium tank usage from weeks to months or months to years means lower carrier gas costs.
  • Less workflow disruption. The conservation module extends the life of helium tanks by up to 30 times, reducing the frequency of replacement – and the risk of missed deliveries.
  • Full flexibility. The module works with any GC inlet, backflush, and dual simultaneous injection.
  • Seamless integration.Carrier gas ID and set points are part of your analytical method for easy compliance and transfer.
  • Greater reliability. The GC alerts you if system set points are not reached.
  • Rapid transition. Switch from nitrogen standby to helium carrier in 15-30 minutes, depending on the GC detector.